Growing up as a military child, Eric
experienced constant upheaval
and displacement, hindering his
ability to form lasting connections.
“I mean, I was a mess when I was
a kid, up until 19,” Eric confesses,
highlighting the challenges of his
early life compounded by a strained
relationship with his father and
the absence of stability.


Carl grew up surrounded by committed family figures, some of whom made their mark in the federal government, while others, including his father, grandfather, and a few uncles, worked in the field of senior residences. “It was my goal to get there, to eventually join the family business,” Carl confides, illustrating his initial desire to follow in his family’s footsteps.


Confronted with the challenge
of establishing a consistent dental
care routine for her daughter
and finding the available
resources lacking, Stacey was
moved to create a solution herself.
She developed a children’s book
that uses exposure therapy
to make brushing, flossing, and
dentist visits engaging and fun
for kids. “Alleviating that pain
point with the anxiety of going
to the dentist and how we can
help children. And obviously,
getting them into a routine,”
Stacey explains, highlighting
the transformative effect
of her creation “My Friend Toothy.”
Her approach has made dental
care enticing for children, with
Toothy serving as a supportive
figure that turns a mundane
chore into a fun and eagerly
anticipated activity.


Despite being 50 years old, Manon felt the impulse so strongly that she had to give it serious consideration. “Let’s just say the numbers didn’t scare me.” With her experience in accounting, Manon acknowledges that she had an advantage and a good grasp of financial statements. “So, I said, let’s do it! Let’s buy Main Street Pizza.” And with that, it was as good as done: “It took two weeks.” That was how quickly Manon’s determination and courage propelled her into her next professional challenge.


Marc eagerly shares those aspects of his job that most inspire him. “Helping people with their projects, seeing them progress, at times from start to finish, is what really makes me come alive, ” he explains. Marc gets tremendous satisfaction from counselling his customers with their projects, whether those involve building a deck, replacing windows, or installing moldings. He emphasizes the importance of this interaction: “I love when they come back all proud of what they’ve done and show me their photos.” When you see his passion for helping his customers, you can’t miss the full extent of his professional commitment.


Nate’s entrepreneurial spirit has
always burned bright. Reflecting
on his pre-cannabis ventures,
he reminisces, “Before Big River
Cannabis, I owned a company …


In the vast world of craft beer, there are stories that truly stand out due to their uniqueness and inspiration. The story of Eric Mainville, the head brewmaster at Brauwerk Hoffman Rockland, is undoubtedly one of them. Eric shared his journey with us, from the fields of his family farm to the thriving brewery he now leads.


In the fast-paced world we live in, our homes have become more than just buildings; they are sanctuaries of comfort and spaces where we can give free rein to our emotions. Chantal Charron, of C-Design 4U, is on a mission to transform these spaces into personal oases. Chantal’s inspiring journey and her unique approach to interior design revolve around capturing emotions and crafting havens of comfort.


Within the world of new businesses that shape our daily lives, there are passionate entrepreneurs determined to build their own success stories. Today, we invite you to delve into the story of Sissi Mundala, the founder of Check-in Market, a rapidly growing enterprise poised to make its mark.


In any business, passion often finds its roots in childhood dreams and the inspiration of those around us. Vesta MacIntosh, the creative genius behind Vesta’s Photography, is no exception to this rule. As we delve into her journey, we discover the fascinating story of a woman who turned her childhood fascination with photography into a thriving business.

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